Shopping During a Moon Sale

Published on 11 April 2024 at 11:11

The sign said, Total Eclipse of the Sun Sale...15% off storewide!  I went shopping at the New Paris Antique Mall in Preble County Ohio the weekend before the big eclipse.  It was deemed 100% coverage in this area and the atmosphere was electric with anticipation.  The coffee shop had live entertainment, food wagons were scheduled to come in and me and my niece chose that Saturday to go antiquing.  Lucky for us, the Antique Mall was celebrating too.  Not only with a big sale, but free popcorn.  


The best time to go antiquing is when there are key holidays or celebrations.  More than likely a sale will be keep an eye out.  This day, we scaled four floors filled with absolutely wonderful goodies...boy was I exhausted.  My niece found a wonderful antique ship picture (actually two), and a skillfully put together bone ship making her a great display for her home.  See the cowboy lamp in the picture?  That is what I scarfed up.  The clock doesn't work but the lamp sure does, and the lovely shade and shape looks wonderful in my hallway.


This antique shop is absolutely a place you want to stop if you are out and about, nearby.  Founded in 2008, the New Paris Antique Mall (102 E Main St, New Paris, OH 45347), is closed Sunday and Monday, open Tuesday through Saturday 10-5 pm.

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As their biography states, "In 1873, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodge #303 (“IOOF”) erected the 3-story brick structure that still stands. Following a succession of short-time owners, the structure was purchased by the Knights of Pythias (“K of P”) and became home to the Castle Hall of Harmony Lodge #396 in 1909. Both the IOOF and K of P lodges utilized the third floor of the building for their lodge meetings.  The second floor served as the community opera house.  According to information printed in the New Paris Mirror in 1930, the opera house featured the Babetta singers and dancers, an eight-act vaudeville show, minstrel shows, medicine shows, and a dance and card party sponsored by Delta Theta Tau Sorority."  After several more owners, it fell into disrepair and then in 2008 Keith and Linda Kelley bought it and brought it back to life.  Eventually they were able to open all three floors and the basement, and it has since been filled with vendors booths filled with a wide variety of items from the past.


Filled with wonderful memories and popcorn, after about three hours, my niece and I filled the back of my car and headed home.  At the shop, we picked up some free pamphlets and among them was a postcard that said, "I got Mooned" in Preble County Ohio.  Laughing to each other, we said, "Yes we did", but in a good way.

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