BOOK REVIEW The Frugal Life: How a Family Can Live Under $30,000 and Thrive

Published on 8 April 2024 at 11:56

The Frugal Life: How a Family Can Live Under $30,000 and Thrive

by Kate Singh

2022, 67 pages


We are all struggling in this economy.  We have to each find ways to save and economize.  In my own circumstances, I've learned to make use of homemade soups which stretch the dollars. Instead of buying the k-cups which are going for big bucks now, I fill my own reuseable cups and save a bundle on my daily coffee.  I make my own frugal homemade cleaners for the home, and we save errands up for our once-a-week outing.


But there's a secret to my savings.  I've been watching Kate on YouTube, for quite a while.   It used to be called Coffee with Kate, but now she has revamped it to Kate Singh author.  She has taught me a lot of ways to save.   I excitedly dove into her book, "The Frugal Life", and wasn't disappointed.  She has created a cozy oasis of living in her home.  The word frugal doesn't seem to cover it.  Frugal yes, but she makes saving money and living simply more of an artwork of life.  It isn't something to be upset over, or to dread and feel down about.  Her uplifting inspiration on this way of living seems to catch you up in her world.  Not only will it free you, but it can help the environment. 


This book recounts her first home and how she learned her art.  How she decorated her home with thrifted items, created a kitchen garden, learned ways to make things easier, how she utilizes her local library for books and music (love this as I am a retired librarian). She states, "The trick is to make the home as cozy and desirable as you can.  To create sanctuaries inside the home and in your yards or balcony. Make home be somewhere you want to be and hang out.  This will make you go out less."


Kate has a bunch of books all available on Amazon (nonfiction and fiction).  I encourage you to explore it all, as well as her YouTube channel

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