April 2024

Shopping During a Moon Sale

The sign said, Total Eclipse of the Sun Sale...15% off storewide!  I went shopping at the New Paris Antique Mall in Preble County Ohio the weekend before the big eclipse.  It was deemed 100% coverage in this area and the atmosphere was electric with anticipation.  The coffee shop had live entertainment, food wagons were scheduled to come in and me and my niece chose that Saturday to go antiquing.  Lucky for us, the Antique Mall was celebrating too.  Not only with a big sale, but free popcorn.  

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A Day in the Life of an Herb Lady

I decided to share an average day in my life.  Mainly because I wanted to know why I was so tired at the end of the day!  So I'm sharing what happens right when the weather gets even a little warmer and sunnier.  At this time, my autoimmune issues seem to be in pretty good control.  I still need to stop and rest periodically so keep this in mind.  Those rest periods irritate me to no end as it makes any jobs seem to last twice if not three times as long.

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March 2024

Abundant Chives

I'm getting an early start on my herb harvests this year.  I was out checking the herbs on a rare warm day this week to see how they had fared the past winter.  Surprise, surprise!  The chives are up and at 'em.  Hey, I am going to cut them up and dry them in the dehydrator!

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Treasures from the Nest

Easter is fast approaching as my feathered girls decide to up their egg-laying game,  It always amazes me how beautiful those eggs are to me. I have a variety. Two hens are Aracaunas...the ones who lay the colored eggs. At one time I had both green and blue hued eggs but the green laying hen is gone, so I have two blue-egged layers. Then I have two Cuckoo Marans and two Buff Orpingtons who all lay brown eggs.

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