Book Review Juicing for Diabetes Reversal

Published on 15 January 2024 at 10:05

Juicing for Diabetes Reversal: Nutrient-Packed Juice Recipes for Effective Diabetes Management, Weight-loss, and a Healthier Life

by Dr. Victoria Sterling, 2023


In this short booklet of 58 pages (comes in ebook and paperback format), there is a lot of information packed inside. The author goes into what diabetes is.  She gives insights into nutrition for better health.  The juicing here focuses on vegetables, and fruits that are best for normalizing blood sugars and keeping them steady.   There are 29 quick and easy-to-make, mouthwatering juicing recipes.


What is most exciting, is that we learn what type of juicer is the best for managing health.  I don't know about you, but I never really knew that.  I had a cheap juicer some time back and while it worked okay for a while, I wondered if it was really what I was after.  It broke after a couple months and that was the end of my experiment.  However, I've learned in this book that there are two types of juicers.   There are centrifugal juicers (faster and cheaper and good overall for taste) and there are masticating juicers (best for those on a health journey and also known as slow or cold press juicers) which help to keep the nutrients and enzymes intact. As you all know, I have been on a journey to see how to calm the inflammation of my autoimmune issues.  The anti-inflammatory properties of certain ingredients (bitter melon and cinnamon were several mentioned) used in juicing can help alleviate chronic inflammation associated with not only diabetes, but it helps with other conditions connected with similar issues.  The author cautions not to substitute meals with the juices but add them to your diet once or twice a day to extract all the vitamins and minerals that such juicing holds, to enrich the body healthy and guide it back to wholeness.


The recipes are super simple and straightforward.  And fresh herbs are touched on, but I can't wait to delve deeper into that research.  The author cautions to pick your ingredients carefully, but while she didn't mention organic, since I am getting on the organic bandwagon, I will say here that that would be a good thing to keep in mind if you are beginning a health journey.


It's an interesting and quick read.  Great for a beginning juicer like me.  If you are just thinking about trying it, this would make a great guidebook as you start out.


Dr. Victoria Sterling's journey into health and nutrition began with a personal battle against a chronic ailment, igniting her passion for holistic healing.  She holds advanced degrees in nutrition, herbal medicine, and naturopathy. 


If you want a copy, use my affiliate link below.  It doesn't cost you any extra, but it sure helps me out!


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Rebecca E. Maggard
6 months ago

I know people swear by juicing, but in my mind it removes the fiber, and fiber is important for those with diabetes.