BOOK REVIEW The Forever Dog Life

Published on 3 June 2024 at 13:14

The Forever Dog Life: 120+ Recipes Longevity Tips, and New Science for Better Bowls & Healthier Homes

by Dr. Karen Shaw Becker & Rodney Habib

Harper, 2024 304 pages


This is like a gourmet cookbook but for dogs.  Don't we all want to do things to help our pet family live long, healthy lives?  This book fills the bill, because not only does it touch on really good recipes for day-to-day dinners, but it also includes recipes to help with tummy troubles and other issues.   You can find out how to make natural eye washes, coat refresher spray, toothpaste, ear cleaner, dandelion oil and salve for wounds and a nice paw soak and pet wipes. 


 There are dog biscuits and greens powders for vitamins.  There are treats, like the Sunchoke chips.  Or you can try recipes like Beef Mexican Fiesta, Beef and Chicken, Forager's Delight and others.  The authors add, "The Forever Dog life introduces you to the most nutrient-dense Forever Foods that will boost your pets' health and it offers a multitude of feeding techniques, DIY tricks, Research highlights, nutrition information, tools, and household and money-saving tips.  Then we dive into recipes, from treats and toppers to complete and balanced meals your pet can enjoy daily."


Let me tell you, this book is complete, detailed, but not fussy or hard to follow.  It is a delight.  And it makes you want to run into the kitchen and begin a new adventure in cooking for your pet.  If you ever had a question on how much you should feed your dog or cat, the answers are here, laid out by weight and breed.  And how fun is this, you can learn how to make your own vitamin and mineral supplements.  That can save big money.  Sprouts and medicinal mushrooms are on the menu as well.


For any pet lover who wants to proactively investigate ways and methods to improve the health of your pet, this book is it.  Take charge and be armed with the knowledge you can get here.  It is definitely worth it. Dr Becker, DVM, believes in a deliberate, common-sense approach to creating and maintaining vibrant health for companion animals and an unconventional, integrative approach to addressing disease and re-establishing wellbeing in ill pets.  Dr. Becker has also created an online video archive on YouTube, with hundreds of informative videos about addressing disease ailments, proactive living, how to make the best food and lifestyle choices and expert interviews with the top professionals in the animal health and positive training fields. She recently celebrated 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She also has a daily health and wellness article that over 2 million pet parents enjoy, free of charge.  Rodney Habib is a New York Times best-selling author and internet celebrity known for his educational blogging, video making, animal activism and his book, The Forever Dog. Habib is the founder of Planet Paws, the most liked and visited pet health page on Facebook.

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