BOOK REVIEW Sourdough Every Day

Published on 25 April 2024 at 14:44

Sourdough Every Day:  Your Guide to Using Active and Discard Starter for Artisan Bread, Rolls, Pasta, Sweets and More

by Hannah Dela Cruz

Page Street Publishing, 176 p., 2020


I have a passion for bread of any kind.  Offer me fresh homemade rolls, cinnamon raisin, crackers or what have you, and I find it super hard to pass it up.  I've also gotten pretty good at using my handy bread machine.  I've been cranking out pretty good sandwich loaves and last week made a chocolate bread with dried cranberries that was pretty tasty.  But I've always wanted to try my hand at sourdough, and I've felt intimidated.  Until I came across this book.


The author states, "Sourdough starter is a miracle in a jar.  It's a thriving ecosystem of yeast and bacteria living in perfect harmony---one that, if cared for, can even outlive you."  It takes two weeks and once made, you have a perpetual starter to use in all the yummy recipes she includes in the book.  She has a process where you have minimal waste, and the waste you do have in keeping the starter going, what she calls Discard, can be used to make Discard recipes; cookies, muffins and more.  She walks you through the process with pictures, and I love that part.  I can't wait to try the Spelt and Einkorn Graham Crackers, the flatbreads, and the delicious sourdough loaves.  The book is well laid out, and the instructions are clear and with plenty of tips to help you along.  


The author has a passion for creating recipes with a sourdough twist and it led her to create her blog In 2019, she won a Saveur Magazine Reader's Choice Award Best Special Interest Blog for her website.  She adds, "My journey into the world of sourdough started after leaving a decade-long career as a publicist. Refreshing my starter brought structure and solace into my life, revealing a newfound passion for bread-making. It made me realize that my true joy lay in making food for the people I loved."





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