Book Review Herbal Antibiotics and Antivirals

Published on 18 March 2024 at 15:46

 Herbal Antibiotics and Antivirals: Learn the Basics to Natural, Safe Plant Based Herbal Remedies for Fending Off Viral and Bacterial Infections

by Prutha Desai

2021, 160 pages


Most of us have struggled with one virus or another in our lifetime, but especially this winter.  It has been a head cold, a respiratory infection, bronchitis, stomach flu, ear infection type of winter for our family and extended family.  I know the doctor's offices were often full and many people had to call off work and miss time because of things they were struggling with.  That is why it is so important to have herbs in your arsenal.  Be prepared ahead of time, and when illness hits, it isn't hard to treat yourself.  This book can be one important thing to add to that arsenal.


For the mainstream medical field, antibiotics and antivirals have been found to be overprescribed, making them less effective.  Today, we have many diseases out there.  Luckily, herbals and plant-based medicines come to the rescue.  As the author states, "Treating minor infections with alternative medicine can help both you and the planet." The author makes it clear that not only can you use it to help heal, but also as a preventative.


She talks in depth about what bacteria and viruses are and various illnesses they cause, what your immune system does and how plants can help us heal.  I like how she has a chapter on antibacterial herbs and spices, and antiviral herbs and spices.  In these chapters you will find the herb and what it does.  Oregano essential oil is highly regarded as a strong antibacterial herb.  And many antiviral herbs also are effective against bacterial infections and so can be used interchangeably.  There is also a chapter on preparing your own herbs, growing, harvesting and preparing.


There are two things I can complain about.  First is her section on making herbal preparations with alcohol and making herbal tinctures in the growing section of the book.  She doesn't recommend anyone making alcohol-based tinctures, but in my experience, it is a good way to not only preserve the herb itself, but it is also easy to take and is concentrated and easy to store.  Second is she tells the reader how to grow the herbs but not really how to use them, other than mentioning they are good to add to the diet and in finding a doctor who will work with you in natural healing.  It would have been a much more powerful book if she had added a section on preparation.


Prutha Desai was born and raised in Mumbai, India but now lives in New York. Desai has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, and a Master of Science Degree from Northeastern University. She has been studying the application of natural antibiotics and antivirals for years, which has given her a great deal of insight into the benefits of plant-based medicine. 

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