Book Review Green Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Published on 11 March 2024 at 09:56

Green Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Enjoy 1500 Days of Delicious & Healthy Plant-Based Recipes to Reach Your Optimal Weight and Boost Your Energy Levels | 4-Week Meal Plan Included

Joseph Hammers

2023, 112 pages, Self-published


I've heard a lot on the Mediterranean diet the past few years and there are many various cookbooks and books on this topic.  Recently there has been a batch of "green" cookbooks, and I suspect it focuses on the organic and plant-based side of the equation.  The big takeaway of this eating plan is adding organic chicken and fish, and lots of veggies to the diet.  This book goes into detail on the diet, what the diet is, the benefits, and incorporating a plant-centric eating plan into your life.  Mind you, this isn't vegetarian, but a diet based on plants and a side of lighter meats.  The beginning eases you into what this diet is all about, while the ending touches on batch cooking, mindful eating and sustainable food sourcing.  The middle, about 75 pages, contains recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert as well as a few snacks.  It is also nicely illustrated.


I found a few recipes that I would like to try, like the Herbed Quinoa Pilaf and the Green Lentil Salad.  But many of the recipes seemed a bit simplistic, like Avocado Toast with Spinach and Eggs, Greek Yogurt and Berry Parfait.  Although I will admit that this would be a good guide for someone who isn't familiar with cooking and eating healthy. It is a diet book after all.  What confounded me the most is that in the title it says enjoy 1500 Days of Delicious & Healthy Plant-Based Recipes and I don't know how the number of recipes add up to that unless you rotate the recipes over and over.  I also never found the 4-week meal plan, but there was a One-week meal plan included.  Keeping this in mind, the recipes are interesting, and it has good information on a wide variety of topics on eating healthy.  States the author, "By prioritizing locally sourced ingredients, seeking out organic and sustainable certification labels, participating in CSA programs, shopping at farmers' markets and co-ops, and engaging in urban gardening, you can make a significant positive impact on your own well-being and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient food system."


Joseph Hammers is the author of several other works besides Green Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, all on the subject of clean living and eating, notably The Beekeeping Bible and Raising Chickens for Beginners.  

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