Book Review Herbalist's Healing Garden for Beginners

Published on 4 March 2024 at 11:21

Herbalist’s Healing Garden for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cultivate 30 Easiest-to-Grow Herbs and Make your First Natural Remedies

By Jenni Rempel

Take Me to Your Leader Business Solutions, Inc., 2023, 153 pages


It’s quite rare to find an herb book that isn’t the same old, same old.  Here we find one with a delightful difference.  I love how the author divided the chapters and how it is all explained simply and easily.  Told from the perspective of a gardener, the reader is led from the chapter on setting up your herb garden for success to groupings of annual herbs, perennials, to root herbs and medicinal flowers.  That helps so much.  Then the journey goes on to harvesting and finally, turning the harvest into medicinal remedies and last, how to deal with various garden problems.


A little background on the author.  She is a gardener, herbalist, and author that lives in Vancouver.  She has been on a quest for natural healing, and this has led her to a transformed life.  She has since been a dedicated gardener and advocate for self-sufficient living.  Her focus is teaching people to themselves become more self-sufficient and to preserve their own foods so that they can nourish their bodies back to health.


This book is a complete guide for any beginner but also delightful for experienced herb-growers.  It is a reminder that herbs are more than just plants.  They are truly a journey of life-changing revelations and a way back to connecting with nature that we (as society) have lost along the way.  It also inspires you to get busy doing something with your herbs.


The author’s concluding message, “And my final reminder: don’t forget to start saving up those mason jars and labels! It won’t be long before they are full of rich, aromatic dried herbs, roots, flowers, and medicinal remedies for yourself and everyone else you wish to share them with.”


I’m washing my jars right now.

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