I've Got a Secret...

Published on 8 February 2024 at 10:25

I've Got a Secret...

Yep, I've got a secret to share.  When I got sick with my autoimmune issues, I had to give up a big part of my life.  I used to have a huge herb garden.  How I loved that garden.  But my exhaustion and weakness caused me to have to give it up.  No worries though, I could still plant a few plants here and there in some small flower beds.  How excited I was to be able to do that.  And I found that since I wasn't so worn down by weeding and caring for the big garden, I could actually harvest and use the herbs I now was able to grow near the house much more.  But somehow, when I gave up the big garden, I thought I had to give up my greenhouse too.

The greenhouse was abandoned. Slowly it became a storage area. Lots of boxes of yard tools, outdoor statues and things we really didn't want anymore. The wooden shelves buckled. A leak sprang in the roof and ruined the built in work bench (my Grandson fixed the roof thankfully). So the workbench was gone. The windows got dirty, clouded with dust.

So back to my secret. I was drinking coffee one morning this week and staring out the window. I wanted to start some seeds when my nursery order comes and i wondered if i had room on my kitchen counter and needed to get a grow light. And I saw my sad greenhouse...and it suddenly came to me...why can't I use my greenhouse? My secret...I decided yes I can! 

First I had to clear it out. Get rid of the old shelving and the rest; the old sun-disentegrated plastic pots, the dried out potting soil, the broken garden tools. Next was to rake the flooring and get it even. I would then wash the windows inside and out.  But what would I do for a bench and shelving?

Wood is much too expensive and I would have to hire labor. What would be the easiest and cheapest options? I had a metal folding garden seat which would work wonderfully when I needed to sit and rest. My husband had an idea about getting a thin folding table for the workbench and I came up with the idea of two plastic, easy to snap together plastic storage shelves.

I have a project and it excites me. I can start some forsythia starts ive been wanting to do, get my seeds to sprout. The coming spring should be a beautiful time. If the weather holds out, I may have to get started soon.



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