Book Review Thrifty Hostess: How to Host A Dinner Party on a Budget

Published on 4 December 2023 at 15:43

The Thrifty Hostess: How to Host a Dinner Party on a Budget

by Barb Scott

Plot of Gold Publishing 2023


When the holidays roll around, many of us think about hosting a few parties.  But it can be a daunting, and expensive experience.  How to make it a fun frolic without breaking the bank?  Read this delightful book full of all the tips and secrets.  Throwing a dinner party needn't be overwhelming and in fact, can be delightful.   This book has 10 chapters beginning with setting the stage to the after-party stage and reflecting on how it went and next steps.  I loved the first chapter; where the author encourages you to think about your financial constraints and pushing boundaries.  DIY decorations and preparing mouth-watering and yet budget-conscious dishes are well thought out.  The guide is to first select a theme.  Will it be an intimate and cozy affair or an extravagant soiree?  From there, you plan well.  A rustic Italian feast or a 1950's diner theme or a hundred other ideas can all be accomplished.  The author all the while shows how to add amazing impact with minimal expenses.  Dazzle guests because you have planned a budget-friendly menu, done some savvy shopping, done some DIY decorating and ambiance building, learned some table etiquette and hosting friendly tips and more.


This book gave me permission to unleash my creativity.  Choose my theme and decorate accordingly.  Okay.  So I don't have to have brand new and sparkly decorations.  What if I found some vintage tablescapes at a resale shop?  Some decorations at the thrift store can be straight up thrifty and original.  I don't have to have lobster!  What if I made ham and bean soup with corn muffins?  Warming, country-themed and everyone will love it!  I don't need Baked Alaska for dessert----what if I made Strawberry cobbler topped with luscious whipped cream?  These things I already have on hand and they would make a wonderful dinner.  It is books like this that remind us that it is the act of friends or family getting together and breaking bread.  It is mainly the fact that we want to share our food, our time, our efforts with the ones we love.  Give this book a try if you are feeling a little anxious about giving a party.  It will give you that burst of strength and get your ideas flowing!


Barb Scott is a writer and singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Her unique perspective on life and art comes from her experiences as a two-time cancer survivor. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Barb is a dedicated advocate for cancer research and patient support. When she's not writing or performing, Barb can be found at home with her Siamese cat.

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