Book Review: Natural Anti-Inflammatory Remedies

Published on 31 October 2023 at 12:28

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Remedies: A Complete Guide to Inflammation & Healing with Holistic Herbs, Diet & Supplements (Pain Relief, Heal Autoimmune Conditions, Lose Weight & Boost Energy

By Carmen Reeves

74 pages, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2015


Since I have two auto-immune diseases, I have read quite a few books on the subject and how to overcome them or at least keep them at bay.  Most of the books focus on food.  And while I think that is a big consideration, I was also in search of something that went a bit beyond that.  This title does just that.


It is a well put together handbook that explains what autoimmune issues are and how inflammation is at the root core of it.  The author has been on that same search as me, and says she, "weave(s) the most complete, comprehensive understanding to autoimmunity that I have been able to find---full of facts, protocols, remedies and other knowledge that got me through the darkest times of my illness."


"There are over 80 kinds of autoimmune diseases too---and that number could continue to rise as well, along with the number of sufferers.  So many people have it; and yet, there are still very few medical approaches to the issue."  Amen on that.  The author went over how hard it is to get a diagnosis, and how hard it is to get the medical community to even look at the problems that Autoimmune Warriors suffer.  This book comes to the rescue.


The author tackles antioxidants and adaptogenic herbs, as well as looking at herbs and spices that are anti-inflammatory.  I found the connection with the healing qualities of Allium vegetables (garlic!) and raw vinegar and fermented foods as highly anti-inflammatory was interesting too.  She explains quite well the fact that food can be viewed as medicine and had me looking at it in a different way.  


The only drawback was the really short list of autoimmune diseases listed and explained.  Though the connection between the various autoimmune issues is strong, each one does have its own set of problems to address and I would have loved to have seen all of them listed there.  Mine weren't.  However, I can still use this as guide to help me with my various diseases.  


It is well worth adding to your book-shelf if you suffer any inflammation-related illness or are interested in learning more about it.


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