Book Review 2024 Herbal Almanac

Published on 2 October 2023 at 12:28

2024 Herbal Almanac: A Practical Guide to Growing, Cooking and Crafting by Llewellyn Publications 2023


I'm a fan of this almanac and this year is the 25th celebration issue.  I love it because it is my fall companion after all my harvests are done.  I can sit and dream of my next year's herbal adventures with it.  It always has the most interesting of articles and ideas.  


This year, it talks about drying herbs, flower arranging, sewing aprons, mushroom foraging, making desserts with herbs and so much more.  It even has a yearly garden planner included right in the pages.  A Hobbit garden? Yes!


Let me quote from the introduction, "In addition to the twenty-two articles written by Master Gardeners, professors, homesteaders and community herbalists, this book offers reference materials tailored specifically for successful growing and gathering. Use this book to plot this years' garden, practice companion planting, learn a new cooking technique, garden by the moon, find a helpful herbal remedy, and keep track of goals and chores....Reclaiming our connection to Mother Earth in our own backyards can bring us harmony and balance---and a delicious, healthy harvest.  May your garden grow tall, and your dishes taste divine!"


In todays' world, we do need balance.  And we can find it in our own space.  We can explore, grow and discover many new things about ourselves and nature.  It can inspire us as we huddle in for the winter and guide us throughout the coming growing season.  And there is one more reason why I love it.  It is put together with quality.  It is made to be opened and closed, with a sturdy cover that is sure to last the year.  Big thumbs up on this book---you don't want to go without it.


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