Book Review: Liquor Lolipops Lip-Smacking Hard Candy Recipes

Published on 11 September 2023 at 16:35

Liquor Lollipops: Lip-Smacking Hard Candy Recipes by Kristina Maury Quarto Publishing, 2015


I love little specialty recipe books that focus on one subject and this one fits the bill, especially since it focuses on my favorite topic, lollipops! The twist is these are for adults only and include adult herbal flavors. The liquors flavor the candy lightly but as the book states, most of the alcohol burns off. And essential oils add additional punch.  It's basically the flavoring that adults would find delish.


The author runs a gourmet, handcrafted lollipop shop, Luxe Lollies, so she has had plenty of experience on this topic.

An adorable book with delightful photos, there are flavors like Spiced Rum Cider, Chocolate Peppermint Martini, Lavender Paloma with lavender buds, Mint Julip, Cinnamon Kiss and Rosemary Salty Dog, among others.  And recipes for candy shot glasses where guests can drink their shot and then nibble the glasses sounds super fun for the holidays.


I'll share the Lavender Paloma details by quoting from the book, "The Paloma is a traditional Mexican drink that includes tequila, grapefruit, and soda. Lavender pairs well with refreshing grapefruit and makes for a unique twist on the classic drink.  This elegant lollipop would make a great addition to springtime bridal showers, weddings and garden parties"...

Makes 8-15 lollipops, Prep time is 10 minutes, cook time is 15 minutes, Cooling time is 15 minutes.

Use the basic Liquor Lollipop recipe included at the front of the book and for this recipe you'll be using tequila, lavender buds, peach or orange food coloring, lavender essential oil, and grapefruit oil.  You'll want to get some molds, sticks, and candy wraps with twist ties to complete the Lollies.  You can make the recipes without molds, and the author tells you how to accomplish that.  I however, would prefer the molds to make it easier to control size and make it look a little more professional.


What a delight for any adult party or gift. It is an interesting and unusual idea that will delight guests with personal homemade touches. It's 58 pages filled with recipes and ideas, and well worth the look if you want to try something new for your next gathering.



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