Sore and stiff? Rosemary to the Rescue...and Sprains Helped with Castor Oil

Published on 26 June 2023 at 14:34

Sore and stiff?  Rosemary to the Rescue…and Sprains helped with Castor oil


Speaking of muscle aches…ok, I’m always speaking of that.  But it is a fact of life for all of us once we get a few years on us…or even younger when you over-do it.  Gardening, cleaning out the garage, or going on an extra-long hike, it can result in sore, aching muscles screaming for relief.


Luckily, we can have a recipe in our back pocket as our perfect answer.  All you need is some olive oil, a couple essential oils, and a few minutes time.  Rosemary is my first pick in terms of helping ease muscle pain.  But Lavender goes right up there in terms of relaxing muscles, and it is so very soothing to skin.  If Lavender isn’t your jam, Peppermint can be exchanged for it.  Peppermint is analgesic and its scent helps to uplift your mood and improve concentration.


Grab a clean jar; a jelly jar works well.  Add some olive oil (or almond or shea butter).  Add ¼ cup of oil (or 2 ounces) to the jar.  Then add 30 drops of Rosemary essential oil, and 8-10 drops of either Lavender or Peppermint essential oil.  Close the lid and shake well each time you use it.  Take a dab on your finger and rub into the affected area as much as you like.  It absorbs well into the skin and it feels wonderful!


My niece recently relayed to me that she had sprained her ankle working out in the yard.  I recently saw her limping on a cane and her ankle was twice the size it should be.  And since it was the weekend, she couldn’t really go to the doctor.  So I pulled out my magic bottle of cold pressed castor oil.  Make a compress with this cloth, soak it with the oil well, wrap around the sprain and cover it with plastic wrap to keep the oil from staining anything.  Keep it on for a couple hours (or overnight), then wash the affected area.


She called me to say she is sold on castor oil! Overnight, the swelling was down.  She did her pack three nights in a row and by Tuesday, she only had a slight twinge in her ankle, and it was quickly disappearing.  It wasn’t surprising to me.  Castor oil…the cold pressed variety…can get rid of moles and skin tags, beautify hair and grow out long eyelashes, and heal all kinds of things.  If you are interested, the best book on the subject was written by a doctor, Dr. William A. McGarey, M.D., “The Oil that Heals: A Physician’s Successes with Castor Oil Treatments.” See link below.  Once you read that book, you will be sold on the amazing qualities of Castor oil or Palma Christi (Christ’s Palm) as it’s been called because it is so very healing.

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