Your Aromatherapy Medicine Chest

Published on 22 May 2023 at 21:11



Your Aromatherapy Medicine Chest for Life’s Little Emergencies

By:  Carly Wall

     Emergencies happen all the time, especially in this day and age.  And because we don’t know when such a situation will present itself, it is best to be prepared for it.  Most of the time, we are ready for little emergencies with conventional means---emergency kits and such, or a well-stocked medicine cabinet.  But if you are interested in holistic health care, how well are you prepared? Of course, for major things, it is best to rely on professional help---do the best you can do and get to help as fast as you can.  But for minor ills, you can often take care yourself if you are properly prepared.  Why not have on hand your own little “natural health care emergency first aid kit”, containing natural healing remedies from essential oils? 

     For one thing, essential oils are quick and easy to use.  Another thing, they don’t take up much space and can last 2 to 4 years if stored in a cool dark place.

  ~~~Essential oils can be used safely in dilution; whether this is carrier oil or added to bath water (10 drops per tub).  Also good are massage oils (essential oils are added to a base oil--- like healing peanut oil, or olive oil) or you can use a diffuser to mist the healing properties of the essential oil into the air and it can be inhaled.

Stock the following in a handy box along with bandages, swabs, droppers and thermometer and you will be well prepared for life’s little emergencies. 


10 Essentials for You


     Here are my choices of 10 good essential oils to have on hand.  Be sure to place a label on your bottle listing what the bottle contains, as well as usage.  That way, you can quickly and easily grab the right remedy you need.  Here’s my list:

  1. Lavender---You can’t go wrong with this; it’s antiviral, antibacterial, boosts immune system is relaxing and anti- inflammatory. Heals wounds, soothes skin. Use in baths to heal skin, place a drop on forehead to soothe someone to sleep and ease tension, or apply in massage oils.  Also good for bug bites and bee stings.  It promotes healing and helps skin cells rejuvenate.
  2. Chamomile: It’s antiallergenic, a digestive and antidepressant. Add 3 drops on a cube of sugar and give to someone with a tummy ache.  Good to rub on for menstrual discomfort, or pains, and also eczema or other skin conditions.
  3. Clary Sage: Great for the diffuser as highly relaxing and good stress reliever. Good ingredient for cough syrups.  Use sparingly as you can get a headache from too much of it.
  4. Rosemary: Stimulates, relieves pain, improves circulation and is good as a decongestant. Add 8 drops to baths; use as a massage rub (10-15 drops per ¼ cup peanut oil.
  5. Tea Tree: The most antibacterial of all essential oils. Also anti-fungal, anti-yeast.  Use in base oil, or add to baths. Many add this to their homemade soaps.  Good to apply to cuts, wounds or fungal infections.  Also good as inhalations for respiratory problems.
  6. Frankincense: Very good for balancing emotions, aids in deep breathing.  Good for immune system boosting.  Anti-inflammatory when applied to skin.  Good for banishing colds and flues.  Great for the diffuser.  Relaxes and uplifts.
  7. Peppermint: Digestive, clears sinuses, stimulates, helps memory.  Great for inhalations in dispelling nausea, car sickness.  You can also add a drop or two to a half glass of ice-cold water.
  8. Eucalyptus: A decongestant, antiviral, antibacterial.  Good for all respiratory problems.  Use as an inhalation, or as a chest rub.
  9. Orange blossom or Neroli: Anti-parasitic, good for depression. Uplifting, joy inspiring.  Best used in inhalation, or a drop added to tea for diarrhea, flatulence.  Helps in preventing scarring,, stretch marks, thread veins, tones the complexion and helps smooth wrinkles.
  10. Rose geranium: Good for all skin problems, beauty products. Helps balance the body and mind.  Repels insects.  Use all methods.

The Well-Stocked Kit

First and foremost, add cotton pads, gauze, and elastic bandages.

Next, have your antiseptic essential oils in diluted form in small dark glass bottles.  Also be sure to have the Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Formula (a great flower remedy for emergencies and to help someone who is in shock).

You’ll also need gauze, elastic tape, various carrier oils for dilution, cotton swabs, cotton balls, scissors, tweezers, rectal thermometer, eye droppers and a plastic syringe.

     Place all your ingredients in a handy carry case and put it where you know you’ll find it come emergency time.  It also pays to refresh the items about once every 2 years or so, and to replenish any items that have been used.  Once you get your system set up, you’ll always know how to handle any of life’s little emergencies.  

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